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Attorney Insure is the industry leader in providing legal malpractice Insurance to law firms. We are dedicated to impartially shopping the lawyers’ professional liability marketplace to find the best possible coverage at the lowest possible premium for your law firm.

Attorney Insure is an independent broker with established insurance carrier relationships, bringing your law firm the very best lawyers’ insurance products available. We recognize each law firm we work with is unique; this same principal applies to insurance carriers. There is no single carrier who can effectively be the best fit to insure every law firm.

By focusing on attorneys year round, we approach over 50 markets, while providing our clients exceptional service. You do not need multiple brokers to canvas the markets; Attorney Insure does the work for you. Our expertise, knowledge and extensive carrier relationships will ensure we properly advocate on behalf of your law firm to find you the right result. Attorney Insure always puts your needs above our commissions and makes a simple promise to not waste your valuable time.

Attorney Insure is your insurance concierge.  Our exceptional service commitment begins with your very first interaction with Attorney Insure.  Whether it’s filling out those tedious insurance applications, analyzing coverage or updating your policy we are there for you.   Our goal is to simplify the insurance process and educate our client allowing your law firm to make an informed decision.

The Pandemic has hit #lawfirms hard as carriers are seeing an increase in the size of the payout on claims. Conflicts of interest remains the #1 cause of #malpractice #claims. #professionalliability #lawyers #law #legal

Federal District Court in Nevada Tosses China-Based Auto Dealer's #Legal #Malpractice Suit Against #Law #Firm Based on Lack of Jurisdiction

You're doing it wrong: Legal malpractice carrier sued for #legal #malpractice. #Lawyers #Lawfirms #Law #ProfessionalLiability

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Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers is often the backbone to protecting your law practice from unwanted claims, bar grievances and other disciplinary actions. It provides protection for defense costs and settlement payments arising from negligence, errors and omissions in the performance of professional legal services.

Cyber Liability Insurance

All law firms today face a threat of data breach, computer hacking, or a stolen smartphone containing sensitive information. As an attorney, it is important that you not only understand your risks, but protect your business from this threat with a cyber liability insurance policy designed to provide a combination of coverage options. Attorney Insure offers access to cutting edge cyber policies and competitive premiums to protect your business.

Business Insurance

At Attorney Insure, we believe every law firm, no matter the size, has its own unique identity and set of challenges. Our experienced insurance advisors take the time to listen, understand and focus on providing clients with tailored property and casualty coverages to fit your law firm. We strive to meet your specific business needs, exposures and provide the highest quality of service our clients deserve and demand.

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